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Know your staircase

More styles & sizes available upon requests. Ask about custom staining and wood species.


If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact us at 613-319-9987, email usor use our online request form

Building codes inyour area should be verified as to handrail height requirements for stairways and straight runs along with total height requirements.  


How to calculate the number of pieces you will need?


We know that thre are different ways to install a staircase; each company or installer has their own techniques. 


These are general suggestions for piece calculations. 


  1. Use two balusters per tread

  2. One short baluster in the front and one longer baluster in the back. Except for the first tread which requires a newel and one long baluster. 

  3. A horizontale section is made up of long balusters calculated (3 per ft).

  4. It should start with a newel and end at the wall with either a half newel or rosette. 

  5. Every change in direction needs either a newel post or fitting. 

  6. Using your measuring tape measure for the lenghts of handrail (shoerail if needed) for stair section and straight run. 


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