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Boiseries Can-Air Woodworks has a long and rich history in the industry.
We’ve been in business for over 17 years as Boiseries Can-Air Woodworks but our story started long before then. 



In 2010, Boiseries Can-Air Woodworks acquired Zenith Wood Turners Inc., which then operated out of A 28,000 sq ft manufacturing facility in Vankleek Hill, Ontario.


In 2016, a strategic decision was made to move Boiseries Can-Air Woodworks and it’s manufacturing facility to Ottawa, Ontario, where it is now continuing to be a leading manufacturer of custom woodworking, including stair parts, hardwood air vents, and countertops, among other products.  


Zenith Wood Turners Inc. was established as the holder of the Labelle Series trademark, which was a leading manufacturer of high quality wooden products, including staircase components. They operated in Vankleek Hill and Green Valley, Ontario.


Boiseries Can-Air Woodworks was officially established at the turn of the millennium. Operating out of Vars, Ontario, the company quickly became recognized as a leading manufacturer of custom hardwood air vents, stair treads and custom stain matching.

Michel Saumure, President

"At Boiseries Can-Air Woodworks, we truly believe in providing our clients with top-quality products and a superior level of customer service. Our success over the last 53 years is a testament to our commitment to overall client satisfaction, with the majority of our clients stemming from repeat business."


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